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Our Service


We aim to provide a service which is unique to the industry. As a family owned home, The Old Rectory is able to provide a way of life which cannot be found elsewhere. Residents at the Rectory often feel as though they are a part of an extended family which makes the later years of life so much more meaningful.
We recommend that you visit The Old Rectory to gain a greater sense of the service which is provided here. Whether you observe an activities session, join us for a meal or simply wander around the halls of our beautiful eighteenth century house we are convinced that you will leave with some understanding of our service.
We are consistently striving to provide a high quality service to all of those in our care.
Overtime our home has become synonymous with exceptional care, good food and first-rate customer service.
I am confident that these characteristics will be apparent to anyone who visits our home and are evident in everything that we do.

Philippa Turner, Director and Registered Manager